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The Stress-Less Programme

Reducing the Impact of Stress on Your Business

Through our unique assessments, you now have the information to direct your precious resources toward the areas most in need.

Utilising the statistics obtained from QLine assessments, we are pleased to provide bespoke solutions tailored to your employee's needs. Our unique Stress-Less Programme is designed to reduce stress and anxiety while improving health and wellbeing in your business.

The programme uses the very latest in professional techniques to rapidly remove stress and anxiety while providing individuals with the self-knowledge and skills to maintain this improved level.

"For the very first time, businesses are able to see the direct result of their employee assistance programme in the reduction of stress & anxiety and it's positive impact on productivity"

Sequents offer two unique Stress-Less training programmes:

1. Group / Team
2. Specific One-to-One

Both programmes are delivered by our exceptional team of highly trained and experienced professionals.

Group / Team sessions are used for larger numbers (up to 8) who are experiencing moderate to slightly high levels of stress and anxiety.

During our Group / Team programme, we help to focus, highlight and identify stress and its many causes. We show participants easy-to-learn techniques and principles to cope with and combat the ongoing effects of stress and anxiety.

One-to-One sessions are for those individuals who have been exposed to and continue to experience high levels of stress and anxiety.

For those requiring our One-to-One assistance, each person receives their own unique programme to deal with whatever is personal and distinct to them. A bespoke solution of Stress-Less techniques is identified and tested for complete individual effectiveness. Furthermore, each employee can receive ongoing support through our revolutionary Stress-Less Technology (SLT) system, which allows individuals to receive support and assistance whenever and wherever they are: by telephone, internet phone, or by video call based on their unique assessment results.

Both programmes may be delivered on or off-site.

Post Stress-Less Programme Support

Utilising the latest skills and applications, Sequents offers our unique Stress-Less Technology (SLT) post programme, one-to-one facilitations by phone, internet phone or video call* on a global basis. (*Skype or AIM required for Internet Phone or Video Call)

SLT allows you private and exclusive time with your own personal highly trained SLT mentor, who will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis prior to the initial consultation and programme.

For Individuals

Sequents helps you to achieve greater fulfillment and success in your career, which will also lead to greater confidence and satisfaction in other areas of your life by reducing the impact and effects created by stress and anxiety.

For Groups

Teams that are being placed under continual stress are liable to create problems with standards and absenteeism. Now we can pre-empt, or help to minimise, stress within a small group. We demonstrate how to reduce stress and anxiety, and leave employees with the tools required to help maintain this state.

For Business

Productivity and profitability are the basic fundamentals of all businesses. Through our unique programme, you are now able to accurately target your resources and show direct improvements in these two key areas.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.