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Workplace Wellness - Programs

Health Risk Appraisal

QLine provides online Health Risk Appraisals. These instruments are designed to support an organization's employees to get on track to better health. Starting with a confidential health and lifestyle questionnaire, employees are guided through an online planning guide that provides comprehensive feedback. Goal setting and self monitoring tools are linked to their personal report and can be accessed on an ongoing basis. Anonymous group data helps organizations make better business decisions about corporate health strategy.

Health Fairs

QLine provides a complete Health Fair design and management service. A customized Health Fair is a high-energy experience that provides employees with convenient access to information and interactive experiences on a broad range of health and wellness topics. Health Fairs raise the visibility of wellness in the workplace in addition to offering an ideal opportunity to introduce employees to community-based health services and resources.

Wellness Displays

Wellness Displays QLine provides a wide variety of Wellness Displays that present information on health topics in a self-serve format. A table-top display which can be placed in a high traffic area (such as a cafeteria or employee lounge) is an ideal way to reach a large percentage of employees. Display examples include:

* Boosting Immunity
* Stress Hardiness
* Getting Started in Fitness
* What is a Healthy Weight?
* Fats: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Wellness Clinics

QLine provides wellness clinics in workplace settings. Employees receive one-to-one counselling on their results. These clinics and themed events can be selected from a variety of wellness topics and can include up to three key interactive components, such as:

* Posture Assessment
* Cholesterol Testing and Education
* Gait Analysis
* Shoulder and Back Mini Massage
* Blood Pressure Testing and Education
* Body Composition Analysis
* Healthy at Heart
* Stress-Busting
* Healthy Aging
* Healthy Weight

Or, a single focus experiential clinic may be provided, such as:

* Relaxation training
* How to build core strength using a stability ball
* Flexibility assessment and conditioning program
* Back power testing and conditioning program

Wellness Workshops

QLine provides wellness workshops. These engaging and interactive sessions raise awareness of health issues and offer practical wellness solutions. Workshops range from 15 to 60+ minutes and are designed to fit the needs and interests of our clients. Examples include:

* Personal Energy Management
* Eating for Energy
* Resiliency
* Heart Health
* Stress 101
* Taking Charge
* Making Choices
* Office Ergonomics
* Healthy Back

Favourite topics include physical activity, nutrition & weight management, stress & work/life balance, disease management and alternative health.

Behavior Change Programs

QLine offers a range of programs to assist employees in making positive changes in their health behaviour, including:

Great Shape Weight Management Program
* Help your employees achieve a healthy weight for life. This 10-week weight management wellness program has been developed by leading experts in the weight management field, including Registered Dieticians, a Medical Doctor, Exercise Physiologist and an expert in Stress Management.

Getting Started In Fitness
* Help get your employees started on the road to lifelong physical activity. This program teaches employees how to begin a safe, effective fitness program.

Heart Health
* Employees learn key heart healthy behaviours including increasing activity levels, choosing healthy fats, managing weight, and reducing stress.

Smoking Cessation
* This program supports your employees' efforts to quit smoking.

Motivation & Reinforcement Programs

QLine provides a variety of simple, multi-week programs to inspire and encourage healthy lifestyle behaviour.

* Behaviour change research has shown that it takes at least 21 days to integrate a new habit and begin to make it stick. Most motivation and reinforcement programs run anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.

* QLine's motivation programs help to "put legs" on a particular wellness theme and add an element of fun and recognition.

* Many of our programs provide an opportunity for team building by adding some friendly competition (between teams, departments, sites, etc.).

* Educational participant materials support each module of the program and individuals track their progress on a calendar or log page.

* An online component for each program supports the delivery process.

Examples of our motivation & reinforcement programs include:

Motivation & Reinforcement ProgramsEat 4 Health
* Designed to motivate employees to make healthier food choices, each module focuses on a different healthy eating habit. By keeping track of daily healthy eating habits on their tracking sheet, participants accumulate points.

Get Moving!
* Becoming more active is often a challenge, and Get Moving provides employees with a fun, achievable target for physical activity. The goal is to complete a minimum of 31 km in 31 days by one of (or a combination of) walking, running, swimming or cycling.

Search 4 Balance
* Participants learn and practice key stress management skills in the areas of Self Renewal, Interpersonal Skills, Thinking Habits and Personal Values. They complete short assessments and engage in simple daily habit builder practices that help them to be better managers of stress.

Calorie Stampede
* The focus of Calorie Stampede is on building team spirit while supporting individual weight management goals. Participants set goals and receive points for achieving their goals.

Healthy Living Challenge
* Employees support each other with this team-based physical activity and healthy eating program. Participants set weekly goals for healthy eating and physical activity and earn points for achieving their goals.

Passport To Planet Health
* This multi-week inter-galactic journey encourages healthy lifestyle practices. Beginning on Planet Earth, participants prepare to blast off on an exploration of the wellness galaxy with stops on Planet Nutrition, Planet Active, Planet Balance and Planet Environment before reaching Planet Health in the final week of the program. Participants begin with a travel guide containing useful information to assist with their exploration. The program is available to run in both individual and team formats.

Resolution Solution
* Help employees achieve their health goals. Participants are provided with information about setting goals, and track their goals and progress on a Resolution Solution Calendar.

Eat 4 Heart
* Employees learn some key heart healthy eating behaviors such as reducing salt, increasing fiber, reducing sugar and choosing healthy fats. They can also earn bonus points for practicing stress busting activities.

Amazing Race
* This team-based or individual activity challenges employees or teams of employees to complete a virtual relay race using pedometers or minutes of physical activity. Participants answer skill testing questions at checkpoints and earn bonus points for team participation.

Online Wellness

QLine develops Wellness Websites to provide a virtual hub for our clients' Wellness Programs. Available 24/7, online wellness offers easy access for employees across multiple locations and shifts. Online solutions include:

* Health Risk Appraisals
* Online tracking of results, health measures
* Wellness Newsletters
* Health Information
* Motivation Programs
* Upcoming Events


Employees often cite "lack of time" as a barrier for participation in wellness programs. QLine's Wellness-to-go programs bring simple wellness activities to employees, accompanied by hard copy or online support material. This is a great way to get employees to try a new behaviour or activity. Examples include:

* Fantastic Fibre
* Test Your Ergo IQ
* Eating for Energy
* Relaxation Breathing

Back Health Programs

QLine delivers two back health programs:

Back Health Awareness Program
Participants learn how to maintain optimal back health and reduce the risk of back problems.

* This one hour session covers basic back anatomy, posture, preventive exercises as well as practical movement and lifting techniques for at work and at home.

* Employees learn how to reduce the risk of suffering from a back problem.

* Each participant is empowered to take self-responsibility for his/her back health through awareness of back fitness, posture and proper preventive exercise, as well as appropriate techniques for lifting and moving.

Backfit Workshop
An experiential awareness, assessment and prescription program developed by medical and fitness experts which examines back posture, strength and flexibility.

* BackFit is designed to address back concerns that result from physical work stress and lack of physical conditioning.

* A trained fitness professional analyzes an individual's level of back fitness and designs a program of easy-to-follow exercises tailored to assist with alleviation or prevention of back and neck discomfort.

* This program teaches self-management skills specific to the employee in order to prevent injury or reduce risk of further injury.

* A variation on this program can be taught in a group format.

Office Ergonomics Program

QLine provides individual workstation assessments, group presentations and training for ongoing evaluation and program initiatives.

* This program is designed to provide individuals with the skills necessary to ensure healthy ergonomic habits.

* Techniques for reducing repetitive strain injuries at work and at home are provided.

* The program focus is on prevention and increased awareness in order to help employees reduce the risk of injury or prevent re-injury.

Nutrition Programs

QLine provides several Nutrition and Weight Management Programs. These are of high-interest in most organizations and encourage employees to develop better eating habits.

Great Shape Weight Management Program
A 10-week weight management wellness program that participants really value.

A multi-week healthy eating motivation program

Calorie Stampede
A multi-week weight management and physical activity incentive program

Healthy Kitchen
An online nutrition, meal planning and recipe resource

Stress Management Programs

QLine provides a number of stress management programs and resources to improve employees' individual stress management skills, including:

* One hour awareness sessions on a wide variety of stress management topics such as Work Life Balance, Stress 101, Relaxation Breathing, Resiliency, Personal Energy Management, and Stress-Busting

* Three hour seminar - Making Choices

* Six hour course - Taking Charge

* Multi-week motivation program - Search4Balance

Fitness Programs

It is possible to provide employees with opportunities to be more active even if there is no onsite fitness centre. Within the design of workplace wellness programs, QLine offers a full range of fitness programs including:

* On-site activity classes including yoga, pilates, relaxation skills, walking groups.

* Multi-week motivation programs such as Get Moving, Healthy Living Challenge, QLine's Amazing Race, and pedometer challenges.

* Physical activity and nutrition programs such as Calorie Stampede, and Eat4Heart.

* Getting Started in Fitness is a 4-week introductory program where participants learn the basics about fitness, and have opportunities to be active each week with a different fitness activity, including walking, core strength, strength basics, and more.

* Walking Clinics provide participants with training sessions on starting and maintaining a walking program, progressions, fitness walking technique and footwear.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.