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Stress and Health Assessment

Promote Health-conscious management policy among your employees. This contributes to the modern concept of caring about employees. It makes employees feel more comfortable and motivated at work.

Stress and Health Assessment is basically divided into two stages:

* Taking measurements;
* Preparing reports about Personal cumulative stress and health level.

Stress has two major aspects: momentary stress and cumulative stress. Continuous increase of momentary stress leads to increases in long-term cumulative stress and health level.

Stress could be either physical, mental or both.
Physical stress is caused by long-term exposure to negative factors, such as: irregular lifestyle; physical overload; environmental toxicity; cigarettes; alcohol; drugs; improper diets, etc.
Mental stress can be caused by factors like: insecurity; negative emotions; mental overload; confusion; rejection on a social level; family problems; boredom; low self-esteem; etc.

Overall results of the Health and Stress Assessment are analyzed and presented in clear reports that leave no ambiguity as to where action must be taken. Speculations are turned into facts.

This system is based on over three decades of profound scientific and medical researches of highly renowned medical professors and different scientific institutes. The reliability of the system is guaranteed by over 40, 000 assessments and relevant scientific reports.

How can you take a measurement?

The QLine assessment is used to determine the health index of employees on the basis of a stress and vitality (training) measurement. The health index provides information about your employees' reaction to the working environment and work pressure.

The QLine assessment is a tested and proven quick scan method that registers your employee's required data ("heart rhythm variability") rapidly (approx. 15 minutes per employee) and uses it to generate reliable information.

The QLine assessment consists of two sections: a stress measurement and a vitality (fitness) measurement. These measurements are made by recording a series of heartbeats and registering every heartbeat interval. This series of intervals forms a data set on which the analyses are largely based. The measurements are collected using three sensors which are placed on the body and wirelessly connected to a computer.

The Corporate Health Assessment is periodically carried out on a large scale among your company's employees. Your employees are invited to take part in the assessment individually and on a voluntary basis.

The individual results of these measurements are processed and presented in the Corporate QLine Report. You can prioritize which sections of the report are most important to you. Here you can break down the results according to business units, function groups, and so on.

The QLine Personal Assessment System provides an eminently practicable way of detecting features that are clues as to whether an individual is coping well with life and work or is 'stressed', as well as giving an indication of how severely stressed the individual might be.

Stress, lifestyle factors, and current or impending ill-health are intimately related, so the results of the Personal Assessment can reasonably be interpreted in terms of 'health risk'.

The System is built around a physiological test with recording of the electrical activity of the heart (the electrocardiogram) and analysis of the continuously fluctuating intervals between heartbeats to discern the way in which the nervous system controls the heart. There is extensive published scientific work underpinning this technology.

The Personal Assessment is offered as a screening tool for stress and, used intelligently and sensitively, should be a valuable component of a structured program of the evaluation and monitoring of the health of staff in stress-liable settings. It is integrated with a sophisticated web-based facility to generate both Personal and Group Reports, preserving individual confidentiality but nevertheless permitting corporate occupational health professionals and senior managers to examine group data on health risk profiles and correlate such data with sickness absence.

The System comprises:

* Contact electrodes to be placed on the subject's wrists, with connecting wires to an electrocardiogram unit for processing the heartbeat data, from which there is a USB cable link to a laptop computer.

* Laptop computer loaded with QLine Personal Assessment software, with data communication link to a web-based central computing capability.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.