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Team performance (Departments)

Different departments, teams or professions within a company handle different shares of the workload. Some jobs are very strenuous while others are less so. It is critical to a company that all its units are functional. This information greatly contributes to managerial decisions for company optimization.

Responsibilities put managers, team leaders and team members in stressful situations. There are periods of time when certain teams or even entire departments are overloaded with tasks. It is important to motivate these people to perform well at their jobs.

QLine checks health level and stress state and provides Health Improvement (E-coaching Biofeedback) solutions for susceptible-to-stress people. All information is analyzed and systemized in Department and Profession comparison reports. The information in these reports provides clear multidirectional views on individual and departmental conditions.

Department and Profession comparison reports

Department and Profession comparison reports provide an important insight into team (group) and department productivity capabilities. You will be able to monitor stress or other unfavorable health conditions that could obstruct satisfactory performance of teams and departments. These reports might even help determine the degree of cooperation within the department.

Department and Profession comparison reports allow for sophisticated planning on a higher level for the decision makers of a company.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.