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Preventive Health Management

Supporting a Preventative Health Management policy within a company brings benefits to both employees and employers.


Knowing that the company cares about the overall health state of its employees makes employees more comfortable in their workplace. Keeping employees satisfied is critical to the level of productivity performance. Having access to actual up-to-date health condition records adds more value to managerial decisions. It may also be included as a part of the Employees Beneficial Plans.


QLine's functionality concept covers great many aspects of corporate health care policy. It allows you to make comparison health and workload reports. Using QLine system enables you to optimize and plan your company growth.

In general, the Preventative Health Management policy reduces corporative health costs.

Preventative Health Management policy contributes to a better image of a company and makes it more attractive to both potential and current employees.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.