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Health Insurance Benefits

QLine online is a unique assistant for stress assessment and health state monitoring of Health Insurance customers. Incorporate QLine into your Health Insurance Programs and offer your customers a reliable health risk preventive. QLine benefits for Insurance Companies include:

* Reduced liability risk - monitoring customers' health level condition combined with QLine Stress Relieving Program reduces long-term liability risk. Offering QLine as part of the insurance service is a great opportunity to attract customers that care about their health;

* Return of Investment - keeping track of customers' overall health level condition aids in correct planning of Health Insurance Policies. QLine precise assessments provide useful information for customers' overall corporate health level, thus providing grounds for clever long-term planning. Monitoring customers' condition, along with Stress relieving adds an attractive extension to Health Insurance services.

QLine guarantees ROI (Return of Investment) by combining two winning business strategies:

* Reducing health costs on Health Insurance customers;
* Attracting new customers with health-risk preventive policy.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.