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Corporate Performance (Employers)

Leading a company to continuous profits is very hard to achieve and requires successful long-term planning. Typically, larger companies imply heavier workloads. Having information about Personal and Team Health Performance allows for a reliable overview of the functionality of different units within the company.

With QLine, high-level decisions are backed by scientific evidence and physiological findings. Backing judgments with scientifically substantiated reports adds value and credibility to managerial decisions.

Combining scientific reporting with the health benefits of QLine and guaranteed ROI (Return of Investment), managers are given a whole new dimension for basing company strategies upon.

QLine generates health level and stress reports for the whole organization (Corporate Reports), departments or teams within the organization (Team Reports) and individuals (Personal Reports).

It has been designed to help healthcare companies and their corporate customers to obtain greater control of workplace health by providing valuable information on:

1. The extent of the risk - what proportion of the group are in the higher risk categories and more likely to be ill because physiologically they are unable to cope with the physical and mental demands on them?

2. The location of the risk - which department, offices, regions, job functions are showing particularly poorer results?

3. The cause of the risk - which lifestyle habits appear to be correlated with the poorer results? Even if a major factor is excessive workplace and/ or domestic pressures which may take time to change if possible, better lifestyle habits can help the individual to cope with these mental pressures.

4. The reduction of risk through intervention - following a targeted approach using the information above and repeating the Group Assessment which informs interested parties of the following:
a. How effective was the initiative?
b. Which solutions worked?
c. Which did not?
d. Was there an impact on the health-related issues such as sickness absence?
e. How can the programme be further improved?


The benefits of QLine are multidirectional: aimed at employers and employees, as well as customers. QLine is developed to reduce corporate health and insurance liability costs and deliver overall improvement for:

* your employees - health level and stress preventative care and improved working environment bring better results in terms of performance and productivity. Employees feel more secure and comfortable with health-conscious employers;
* your managers - having a new perspective to employees' health condition and productivity performance of teams within the company contributes to more precise planning. This also guarantees reduced direct and indirect costs caused by employee absenteeism. Learning new ways to improve performance and, therefore, productivity adds more value to business strategies.
* your customers - a healthy and motivated staff delivers better results and more satisfaction. A good impression contributes to a better image for the company. Improved corporate performance brings more business potential.
* your shareholders and business partners - improving corporate performance is a long-term strategy that leverages your ROI (Return of Investment) and guarantees stable company growth.

QLine offers two different services:

* Health Assessment - personal assessment of targeted group of employees within an organization. Reports are generated for the whole organization (corporate reports), departments or teams within the organization (Team reports) and individuals (personal reports);
* Health Improvement - innovative approach to dealing with stress and health-risk factors, based on E-coaching biofeedback;


QLine features include:

* Unlimited number of persons, departments and organizations to your account;
* Health level analysis reports of employees' results in terms of individuals (Personal), departments (Team) and the entire organization (Corporate);
* Stress Assessment of all employees. Precise assessment of physical and mental stress;
* Comparison Team reports and Personal history reports;
* Assessment of: Fitness of the body, Cardiac Index, Vascular Index, Training Level, etc.
* Coaching Biofeedback (Stress Reliever) that combines stress measurement with self-training techniques for health improvement, based on special breathing technology;
* Questionnaires that are analyzed together with medical data to add more value to reports results;
* Option to view every employee's History;
* High security online system that allows easy way to make assessments and access the desired data;
* Option to generate corporate reports for a single employee, a department or the entire organization;
* Sessions functionality allows for filtering results for individual employees, whole departments, or the entire organization;
* Professional corporate advisory and consultancy;
* 24 hours online support.

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.