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QLine Professional

Corporate Wellness Programs

Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.

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QLine is a renowned methodology for assessment and prevention of human accumulative stress and health-risk factors. QLine is a corporate-targeted system that allows the generation of special team (department), group and personal health reports. The purpose of QLine is to promote health-preventive management; decrease of health costs, and health insurance liability of the company.

This system is based on over three decades of profound scientific and medical researches of highly renowned medical professors and different scientific institutes. The reliability of the system is guaranteed by over 40, 000 assessments and relevant scientific reports.

QLine is a non-invasive, fully automated computer-based system that provides Heart Rate Variability (HRV), blood pressure analysis and Pulsewave Velocity analysis for quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Overstress and immobilization are conventional health risk factors, triggering the development of life threatening specific diseases. QLine offers the possibility of profound Cumulative Physical and Mental Stress Assessment.

Assessing health condition thoroughly within a company allows a precise view of overall workforce potential. Evidence of how employees really are brings important information to local and higher management. The opportunity to deal with issues immediately using the QLine health improvement programs adds solid evidence to managerial decisions.

Corporate Performance

Knowledge of personnel's performance abilities and capacity for coping with stress provides important information for sophisticated, informed production strategies. Having a complete picture of overall workforce performance potential is a considerable step ahead of competition. Adding improvement to Corporate Performance guarantees efficient management.

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Personal Performance

Each employee is examined with a breakthrough technology for diagnosing health conditions. After all employees' results are analyzed, reports are prepared to give a detailed picture of individual, team (department) and overall performance. Taking care of individual performance brings improvement to overall corporate performance.

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Health Assessment

QLine allows assessment of important health-related aspects such as health condition, level of physical and mental stress in the body, the ability to withstand health risk factors, physical shape (fitness), and ultimately, productivity performance. Regular health assessment may help to determine if a full medical examination is needed. It provides a complete outline of your employees' condition in terms of both health and capacity for productivity.

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Offers an annual Health Check which gives your valuable insight into their key health indicators.